FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!! Super happy with how these came out, definitely my best to date! Thanks so much everyone for the notes on my last two posts! As always, feel free to talk to me any time. My Etsy is here and I’ll probably be posting a video of me making these soon. I’ll paint anything, so if you need some gift ideas for the future please check out my shop!


Almost done, just Maybe I’m Dreaming left! Not sure which version of that cover I’m going to do. Once again my Etsy is here, feel free to message me with any questions!


At it again! Got an order for five of these little guys. Of June is the only one done for now but I’m happy so far! I’ve also been filming my progress so I’ll post a video later. Check out my Etsy shop to get your own! The holidays are coming up soon!


I drew a Sky Sailing picture!


Life is a mind game, love is a blind date
In collaboration with Hikari :) This was so much fun to edit!

made by snowyowlpost

made by makrumwiede19

made by samicola:


made by dearvienna13